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Gentryrose Educational Materials is dedicated to helping you find the right solutions for your students. We partner with the leading educational publishers to bring innovative, research-based, valuable materials to you and your schools!
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Benchmark Adelante

Aligned with Science of Reading research, Benchmark Advance and Adelante are core language arts programs that provide a cohesive structure for the development of literacy skills and content knowledge.

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Benchmark Express!

Instructive, comprehensive, and engaging texts for Grades K-1. Introducing a new K-6 English Language Development program to promote language learning.

  • Unit topics align to Benchmark Advance to ensure seamless support for core instruction.

  • Reviews K-2 foundational skills for application in context.

  • Students learn how English works through explicit grammar and syntax lessons.

  • Aligns to multiple language proficiency standards.

  • Leverages culture and first language knowledge and fosters learner agency. 

Benchmark Hello Logo

Benchmark Hello!

Benchmark Hello! is a groundbreaking new program designed expressly for Newcomers. Combining survival skills, English language development, and social-emotional learning, this powerful tool helps recent arrivals gain the experience, proficiency, and confidence to propel their language learning.

Support recently arrived students with need-to-know basics and fundamental English. Benchmark Hello! provides:

  • 8 week-long units to develop oral language and vocabulary

  • Lessons that embrace primary language, prior knowledge, and cross-cultural understanding

  • Instruction focused on academic language and metacognitive 
    and socio-affective skills and strategies

  • Predictable routines, guided practice, and peer interactions

  • An explicit Teacher Resource System that includes teaching tips, differentiation tools, and Professional Development

  • Assessments to help monitor student progress

  • Engaging home–school connections

  • Rich digital resources for ongoing training

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