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Explore the Kansas State Department of Education Approved List of Resources
Kansas Resources from Benchmark Education Company have received the following recognition:


Build early literacy skills with engaging, proven-effective texts and digital resources. RIGOR provides support for older newcomers and other ELs at preliterate or primary reading levels.​​

  • Content that meets RTI guidelines for Tier II and Tier III intervention 

  • Leveled texts covering science and social studies topics  

  • Weekly, easy-to-use, grab-and-go skill bags with explicit 5-day Teacher’s Guides and Assessment & Practice Books 

  • Flexible scheduling for language arts blocks or extended day

  • Interactive digital learning.


Reader's Theater

Multi-leveled scripts include roles at a range of reading levels, so that mixed-ability groups can learn curriculum content and explore literature together.

Reader’s Theater invites PreK-Grade 8+ students to participate in learning that is both active and enjoyable, with parts to play at a range of reading levels, allowing diverse learners to strengthen comprehension and vocabulary, and improve literacy skills and content knowledge.

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Do The Math

Math is about more than finding the correct answer. It's about using numerical reasoning to find the best strategy for solving a problem. Created by Marilyn Burns, one of America's most trusted math educators, and a team of master educators, Do The Math® provides flexible, classroom-tested instruction for building numerical reasoning and confidence. Whether used for core instruction in numerical reasoning, pull-out intervention, or summer school settings, Do The Math provides effective instruction at any elementary grade level.

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Today, every school district needs to be prepared for both in-person and distance learning. Footsteps2Brilliance® takes the stress out of creating an effective school-to-home connection. Discover how to successfully engage parents and accelerate literacy!

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