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Core + Intervention

Gentryrose Educational Materials is dedicated to helping you find the right solutions for your students. We partner with the leading educational publishers to bring innovative, research-based, valuable materials to you and your schools!

Math Expressions

Mastering math starts with knowing the numbers. We get students started on the right path in Pre-K, but that's just the beginning. It's also about looking beyond numbers to understand how and why they work, and learning to ask the questions that lead to a thoughtful, informed approach to solving problems. 


Based on research funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), Math Expressions is a proven Pre-K–6 curriculum that helps children make sense of math by exploring, discussing, and demonstrating their understanding of key concepts. In busy, active lessons, students learn how to look deeper and choose their own path to the answers—skills that will take them far beyond the math classroom.

  • Every lesson integrates mathematical processes and practices.

  • Students use authentic examples to make sense of mathematics.

  • Schools see an average gain of 12–15% on state tests.


Do The Math

Math is about more than finding the correct answer. It's about using numerical reasoning to find the best strategy for solving a problem. Created by Marilyn Burns, one of America's most trusted math educators, and a team of master educators, Do The Math® provides flexible, classroom-tested instruction for building numerical reasoning and confidence. Whether used for core instruction in numerical reasoning, pull-out intervention, or summer school settings, Do The Math provides effective instruction at any elementary grade level.

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Transition to Algebra

Many students struggle with algebra. Many students need to retake Algebra 1 multiple times just to pass. Even if they pass, many students are unable to think algebraically, lack mathematical strategies, and lack confidence as mathematicians.

Developed by Education Development Center (EDC), Transition to Algebra is a classroom resource that approaches algebra instruction differently. Instead of reteaching the same algebra curriculum in the same way to struggling students, Transition to Algebra uses logic puzzles, problems, and explorations to help teachers uniquely build students' mathematical ways of thinking. It invites students to experience the coherence and meaning of mathematics-perhaps for the first time.


Math Connections

Connect Math & Literacy to increase student success! Math Connections is a the text-based program that incorporates math concepts and problem-solving skills into reading and literacy instruction.


Count on Math Connections to:​

  • Provide fun, standards-based, real-world texts and activities that make math engaging and relevant for students and help them develop problem-solving skills 

  • Focus on growing academic vocabulary in the math domain—an essential element for math success

  • Help accelerate learning growth in math and reading

  • Underscore the direct correlation between understanding of math vocabulary and positive reading test scores

  • Support English learners and striving readers

  • Offer assessment options for whole-group and small-group learning environments

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