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Due to Popular Demand

Twig Science webinars are being scheduled. Early mornings have filled up, but there’s other times available. Schedule your own appointment and see what the buzz is all about! Come Twig with GEM!

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NSTA April 11-14

Come visit me at booth 1119 to learn more about TWIG SCIENCE! This award winning, cutting edge company that was created specifically to meet the requirements of NGSS will leave you speechless! Don’t miss this opportunity!

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Let’s Get Cooking: Part 2

In our last blog, we talked about the some of the benefits of cooking in your toddler and preschool classrooms.  Let’s get you started with something simple that doesn’t require actual “cooking”.  This recipe is good for toddlers and preschoolers. TEDDY BEAR BREAD Ingredients Needed: 1 slice of bread per child Peanut butter or peanut…

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Let’s Get Cooking!

Have you tried cooking with children in your toddler and preschool classrooms?  No, I am not crazy…..cooking is a GREAT way to teach children all kinds of skills you want them to learn.  Think about it……literacy, language and vocabulary (looking at recipes and talking through the projects), math (simple counting and measurements), science (chemical reactions,…

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#ThankATeacher…Every Day

It seems as if there’s a special day for just about everything these days. National Brownie Day? Check. Be Humble Day? Check. Ear Muff Day? Bizarrely enough, check. It might not be politically correct to say so, but we think that some holidays are better than others. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day top the list, as does what…

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